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Prefaces  by Sara Molho, 2005


About the Marranos of Belmonte



Translated and adapted to English by author, 2007



מבוא: אודות אנוסי-בלמונטה / שרה מולכו, 2005

A map of Portugal:
Location of Belmonte





A Personal Outlook




מבוא: מבט אישי / שרה מולכו, 2005

Shlomo Molho’s


Articles & narrative-chapters by diverse authors

Elias Lipiner  [1997]


The Jews of Portugal:
An Overview




(Originally published in English by Magnes Press (Jerusalem) - translated from Portuguese by Menahem Pariente)



יהודי-פורטוגל: סקירה / אליאס ליפינר (1997) פרק מתוך הספר: שני גולים-פורטוגליים בקשטיליה. תרגום ועיבוד לאתר: שרה מולכו (2006)

Dr. Lipiner’s visit to Belmonte,

Sara Molho  [2001]

Masks for Yom Kippur and Passover

A Sociological View of
Belmonte Marranos Today

Based on lecture delivered in 12th World Congress of Jewish Studies in 1997, Jerusalem




מסכות לכפורים מסכות לפסח/ שרה מולכו, 2001

Hebrew manuscript of 1297 synagogue cornice

Sara Molho [2006]


Thoughts on the historical-chapter:
The Presence of the Jews in Belmonte

Antonieta Garcia (1993) The Jews of Belmonte – the Paths of Memory

(Translated to English by Jeffrey Green, 2007)


הרהורים על הפרק-ההסטורי המקדים בספרה יהודי-בלמונטה: נתיבי-הזכרון של אנטונייטה גארסיה (1993) / שרה מולכו (2006)

A Belmonte-lane in
ancient Jewish-quarter,


David A. Canelo [1996]


 goes on in Belmonte
in the 80’s and 90’s


(Translated to Hebrew and adapted
 from:O Resgate dos Marranos Portugueses)


עוד לא נותקה שלשלת היהדות-בסתר בבלמונטה / דוד קאנלו (1996) תרגום: שרה מולכו

Pedro A. Cabral’s sculpture in a central square of Belmonte, 1995

Sara Molho [2001-2005]


“Matron Rabbis” or Rabbis?

On feminization of
Religious-Leadership for 500 years:
the Marrano-Matrons

Translated and adapted to English by author, 2008


"רבניות" או רבנים? / שרה מולכו (2001-2005)

A crypto-Jewish woman praying at home. 1994

Is her shawl a reminder of a Talit-shawl ?

Inacio Steinhardt [1997]


Benvinda - In Memoriam of
a Deceased Marrano-Matron



בנווינדה היתה אשה יפה / אינסיו שטיינהרדט (1997)

A Crypto-Jewish woman secretly preparing the sacred “torcidas”
 = candle-wicks,

Sara Molho [1997]


Interviews with Three Young Male-Leaders who led in the 80’s-90’s the return to mainstream-Judaism by normative [=orthodox] conversion.

(Soon to be Translated)


שלושה דיוקנאות מקרב מנהיגי בני-האנוסים בבלמונטה / שרה מולכו (1997)

Interior of the new-synagogue
inaugurated in 1996

Sara Molho [1997]



Description of an ex-Marrano-Family
[& its Cat!]
learning to conduct
non-Marrano [=normative-Jewish]



"רָתוּלֶה" / שרה מולכו (1997)

the family-cat,
“hero” of this chapter, 1997

Sara Molho [2005]


A sequel to the above chapter:
Criticism on erroneous newspaper-articles on Belmonte.



בעקבות "רתולה" דוגמה לכתיבה עתונאית בלתי-מדוייקת /  שרה מולכו(2005)



Map of Belmonte comments on mistakenly mentioned sites

Sara Molho [2000]


Good-Boy - Belmonte

Description of Jewish education
of baby-Yossele

(fictitious name)
from birth till age of 5



ילד טוב בלמונטה / שרה מולכו (2000)

Baby Yossele (fictitious name), his young uncle & a mini book of Psalms,

Findings & Personal Impressions

by Sara Molho  [2001]

Feathers, angels, scales    sacred matters

Sociological research (1994-2000) on Marrano descendants in Belmonte,
 along with the personal impressions (1994-2007) of the researcher

chapters 1-6

נוצות, מלאכים, סולמות – דברים שבקדושה / שרה מולכו (2001)

פרקים 6-1



Chapter by chapter:

A Succah being constructed by an ex-Marrano family in their own yard, 1996

1.            Rainbows -
my plunging into the subject of
Marranism in Belmonte




A Belmontese

rainbow, 1994

2.            Angels  -  prayers by my Marrano Black-Aproned Sisters  to God,  his angels, prominent prophets & forefathers of Israel.


(translated to English by Mark E. Shapiro, 2007)




Crypto-Jewish covert ritual practices,  1994

3.            “Ave de Pena” – Could it be a substitute for pre-Kippur’s ancient ritual of “Tarnegol-Kapparot” [=Cock-of-Penitence]?




A women in typical Marrano attire

4.            Similarities between Yom Kippur and Passover Marrano rituals and their probable cause






ההקבלה בין כיפור לפסח

A laudered Talit (Jewish prayer shawl) just before Yom Kippur 1994 - a forgotten object for 500 yrs.

5.            Different kinds of Scales & Ladders: Guttman-Scale and the Performing Rites in Multiple-Religions


Translated by author



סולמות כאלה ואחרים-סולם-גוטמן וכפל-הפולחנים

A step-ladder in interior of the synagogue used in the construction of a communal-Succah on its balcony



6.             Guttman-Scale analysis[*]:  Seven Theoretical-profiles presented by actual Belmontese Marrano-descendants - my brethren.
See bellow: Table V


Translated by author


שבעה דיוקנאות מבני-האנוסים והקשרם התאורטי



[*]Guttman-Scale is a known technique in social-sciences often used in order to quantify qualitative data; it is applicable to data collected by quasi-anthropological methods too.

Table V.         Belmontese Marrano-Descendants corresponding to Guttman scale-types performing rites and practices in one or more (*) of 3 religions – Judaism/ Marranism/ Christianity.

Trichotomy:   [does perform (+) / partly performs (=) / does not perform (-)]


Individuals practicing religious rituals:






Estimated  Frequency


Fictitious name






very rare


Fictitious name






very rare


Fictitious name








Fictitious name 1






quite frequent


Fictitious name 2






quite frequent


Fictitious name






rather frequent


Fictitious name








Fictitious name of same person








fluctuating between g & h






very rare

(*)  Orange colour represents exercising rites & practices of
more than one religion (double or triple): see profiles  d. to g.

Please note that all names used in this chapter are fictitious



General Bibliography


Timeline – History of the Jews in Portugal

(translated from Hebrew by Mark E. Shapiro, 2007)

Email us:  contact@mybelmonte.com




Diverse stages in preparing the “sacred wicks “  [1994-1995]
from the preface:  About the Marranos of Belmonte


Most photos, especially those of secret Marrano rituals, were taken by Sara Molho.







A website created by
Sara Molho   ©  1996-2008

Please check at the end of each individual article/chapter who holds the specific copyright and under what conditions - if at all - one can copy the text.